Can the super difficult problem that Shuanglong Ganda EW (Nezha) can be made successfully? To restore the animation caught people

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  1. Reporter Huang Dichu intern Lin Sen

    "Don't say a word! Otherwise, I want your life!" The black black hairstyle was aimed at them, and the robbers said lowly. On the evening of the 20th, the jewelry counters on the first floor of RT -Mart Store, Changsha City, female salesperson Xiao Yuzheng and Lei Huaying stayed at the counter as usual as usual. They dreamed that in the stores and lively stores, some people were so boldly held with guns. Looking at the muzzle hidden under the black jacket, a salesperson grabbed the gold jewelry on the counter, and the other salesman quickly locked the gold cabinet. After the two female salespersons cleverly rotated, they eventually forced the robbers to escape.

    "Play Tai Chi", this customer is a bit strange

    Xiao Yuzheng said that at 8 pm on the 20th, a man came in from the side door of the supermarket and walked straight to her to be responsible for her responsibility Donne MBT Sandali in front of the gold necklace, bracelet counter. The man is about 30 years old and has a height of more than 1.7 meters. He has long hair and a clear features. He is wearing a blue long -sleeved T -shirt and blue jeans. He also holds a black jacket in his hand.

    At that time, the man sat down on the stool in front of the counter and chose the necklace like other customers. He first fancy a 48.75 gram gold necklace. After trying to wear it, he asked Xiao Yuzheng to take another 31.05 grams and a 31.34 gram necklace from the counter from the counter, and spread the three necklaces in the counter to the counter.

    "Generally speaking, general customers will only choose styles, see as color, and ask the price, but that person has been comparing the length of the three necklaces." Xiao Yuzheng said that after about 20 minutes of "tossing" She felt that this "customer" was a bit strange, and she began to be vigilant.

    At this time, the man proposed to buy a gold bracelet, and Xiao Yuzheng recommended him a 9.48 gram bracelet. When asking "how many bracelets want to buy", the man was we supported and vaguely, and finally said, "10,000 yuan ... about ... bracelets." Xiao Yu calculated, "A 30th 30 Dok's necklace and this 9.48 grams of bracelets add up to about 10,000 yuan. "

    when Xiao Yuzheng urged the man to pay the bill, the man hit the" Tai Chi " Essence Subsequently, he put the black jacket on the counter, and the right hand kept under the black jacket, MBT SINI.

    In the face of the muzzle, the female salesperson is not afraid of the crisis

    . After nearly half an hour, MBT Tembea, the man finally showed his original face. He suddenly pulled out the right hand covering the black jacket, and a black pistol appeared in front of Xiao Zhengyu.

    "Don't move! Don't say something! Specifies things, otherwise you will have your life!" The man lowered his voice to Xiao Zhengyu and another salesperson next to Lei Huaying to intimidate the virgin While grab the necklaces and bracelets on the counter. Xiao Yuzheng, who had been prepared for a long time, grabbed the necklace and bracelets in his hand, and then retreated to the place where one meter away from the counter. Seeing that the man did not succeed, he put his hand into the counter to grab the jewelry, but Lei Huaying grabbed the front and quickly locked the cabinet door.

    Due to the large venue on the first floor, the gangster's speech was not loud, and the pistol was covered by jackets. Therefore, the customers and salespersons around were unaware. At that moment, it seemed solidified at that moment. Xiao Yuzheng, Lei Huaying and the gangsters were opposite, and all three were stiff.

    In stalemate for a few seconds, the gangsters fled

    It did not expect that two salespersons could be so dangerous after seeing the gun. After the second, put away the gun and ran away from the side door.

    Sub -then, Xiao Yuzheng dialed the "110" alarm, and the police at the Dongtun Watshu Police Station in Furong District rushed to the scene to start a search for the man.

    "There may be a sudden incident. At that time, I was not afraid of my heart, so I thought that the cabinet was locked, and the property was safe!" Yesterday, Xiao Yuzheng and Lei Huaying recalled the scenes at the time, all of which were both. I feel that I am extraordinary calm. Because of the calmness and bravery of the two of them, not only did they maintain gold jewelry worth more than 100,000 yuan at the counter, but also effectively prevented the gangsters from further excessive behavior.

    It is understood that the police are still hunting the man.

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