2 thoughts on “How to make the effect of silver jewelry taking pictures and P pictures”

  1. 拍照的时候选择使用静物台,如果没有静物台的话可以自己做一个简易的静物台(使用一张大的白纸,不要弄出折痕,白纸一半水平在台面上另一半竖直,中间圆弧Transition, don't make a crease, put the silver jewelry on the white paper, and put a posture. It is best to use an external flash and a soft light hood. In order to avoid the shadow, you can use double flashes. Of course, there is no flash to use table lamps to replace. The lighting is good.
    The processing after the shooting, you can pull out the silver and replace it with a white background. The specific deduction method is determined according to the effect you took. Use Adobe Photoshop. n added: Then you use a professional static table to make it in the later stage.

  2. After shooting, just wipe the background into pure white, and use some tolerance to the side.

    does not have to be matched. You can make the background pure white with a effect.

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