What do you like to increase the sense of hierarchy with the jewelry used by Lin Yun?

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  1. What do you like to increase the sense of hierarchy with the jewelry used by Lin Yun?
    Lin Yun, who is born in a star girl, has a "catfish system" that has been particularly liked in the fashion industry in the past two years. Lin Yun is very popular with his own sharing of beauty. In addition to his own heart sutras, he also has his own ideas and styles for dressing. Lin Yun has been walking at the forefront of the trend, boldly trying various styles to wear, prefers age -reducing styling with a girlish sense, and it is also more suitable for her cheerful and generous character. Pay attention to details is also the focus of Lin Yun's charm shape. Adding jewelry accessories is the soul where the whole shape is sublimated.
    This style of French style has continued to this day, and even intensified. The classic wave dot element with a strong retro style makes the entire shape full of French girl laziness. Lin Yun is wearing this wave dot skirt from Tadashi Shoji, with a warm red and white base wave dot, adding a vibrant and romantic atmosphere. The design exhibition of the shoulder reveals Lin Yun's superior shoulder and neck line, and the upper body is slender and upright. Wearing Chaumet Josephine's crowned and love series jewelry, the geometric lines show the sparkling of diamonds, adding the exquisiteness of the entire shape, echo the ring and earrings necklace, making the entire shape more complete and uniform, noble and elegant laziness.
    Lin Yun, wearing Reem ACRA nude dress skirt, highlights the gentle temperament under the soft and elegant fabric. The segmented perspective elements add a different kind of femininity to the entire shape. The design of the beading with a modern toughness is the personality attitude of the avant -garde woman in a gentle temperament, fashionable and stylish. Lin Yunpei chose to wear jewelery of De Beers. The compact tassel earrings are smart and exquisite, more magnificent, and have a sense of existence. There is a sense of presence to enrich the entire modeling level in a stacked method, showing the noble and elegant style.
    This dress from Mira, using avant -garde silver -colored irregular sequins to break the uniform shape of conventional sequins, emphasizing the confidence and personality attitude of modern trendy women. The tailoring and the design of the collar outlined Lin Yun's good figure, revealing the fatal collarbone and shoulder lines, as noble as the goddess in the sea. Wearing the same color with the same color, the long earrings based on silver, the streamlined design is full of dynamic dynamic, long modification of the neck curve, the facial features are more small and three -dimensional.
    It pink is one of the first choice for girlish heart. The sweet and pleasant color is very age -reducing, and it is also suitable for Lin Yun's lively character. The design of the dress is innocent and romantic, choose an umbrella skirt that highlights the elegant temperament, and emphasizes a obedient atmosphere. The design of the shoulder's hollowing out broke the dullness of the solid color long skirt, and the appropriate exposed skin adds a sense of fashion and high -level sense, which is very charming. Lin Yun chose to wear an exaggerated fringe earrings. The design of the ear hanging emphasizes the fashionable personality. It is like the design of the galaxy decorated in the ears to inject a different style into the whole set of shapes.

  2. The simple gray T -shirt with a yellow grid skirt, the whole picture is vivid and lively. She likes the nails on her hand, as well as the decoration of the belt, and the candy -colored bags. They all like it very much.

  3. I prefer its yellow with some small jewelry design clothes. Such clothes make her more special, and can also highlight her figure, make her lines better, and become very temperamental Essence

  4. The styles on the whole body are very concise. It is so concise that there is no extra pattern to decorate. The upper body is dark green. The color tone is not dark, and the lower body is a pair of black tight pants. Double -edged knife, like Lin Yun's pretty, is a proper beautiful leg goddess.

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