When brushing the bowl, why must you remove the diamond ring on your hand?

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  1. Diamonds are often the stones that can move the heart most. How can there be a diamond jewelry in engagement and marriage to show her love for her. It is easy to wear and pick it up every day. But will you maintain such precious gems? Although diamonds are recognized as the king of gemstones, they are very hard, but nature is everything, Xiaobian takes you to understand the weakness of diamonds.
    The people have such questions. Do you want to remove the ring every time you wash your hands? Because the chemical elements in the hand washing solution may cause corrosion of diamonds or gold ornaments, causing gems to lose their original glory, but you need to remove your ring every time you wash your hands. How can this problem be broken?
    First of all, you must pay attention to these diamond jewelry:
    1, diamonds are close to oil. After wearing it for a long time, it will absorb cosmetics and skin oil stains and affect gloss.
    2. When doing home cleaning, do not let diamonds stick to a strong acid or alkaline chemical detergent to avoid diamonds to prevent stains.
    3, multiple diamond jewelry is best stored separately, because when rubbing each other, scratches may be formed.
    4, chlorine in the swimming pool corrodes jewelry, so it is best not to wear it when swimming.
    5. Diamond jewelry is handed over to the professional jewelry maintenance stores every year for sub -maintenance, check whether the inlaid is firmly polished and re -polished.
    Secondly, you need to understand how diamonds are maintained:
    1, cleaning agent was cleaned in small bowls or wide -mouth containers, adjust the neutral cleaner with warm water, and use the diamond to the container, and use a toothbrush lightly with a toothbrush. Gently brush, wash, then put the jewelry with a net pocket, rinse it with warm water under the faucet, and finally dry it with a velvet cloth.
    2, soak in the appropriate container, soak the diamond jewelry with cold water for 30 minutes, then gently wash it with a toothbrush, and finally dry it with a clean velvet cloth.
    3, jewelry cleaning solution must first prepare a bottle of brand -name jewelry -specific cleaning solution. Generally, the jewelry cleaning solution will have a container with cleaning cleaning. According to the instructions, you can quickly clean the diamond jewelry.
    The soft ribs of diamonds are:
    01 Diamonds are afraid of radiation
    This should be the nemesis of many gems. If the radiation diamond, the color of the diamond is likely to change. Don't naively think that such a white diamond has become a colorful diamond, and the color of the diamonds that have changed through radiation is irreversible.
    02 Diamonds are afraid of oil
    The littering of the diamond should be its most common weakness, because this is easier to dip the oil stains and stains on the surface, thereby covering the luster. Therefore, you know how to protect it. Once you are polluted by oil stains, you should use professional jewelry to clean the liquid.
    03 Diamonds are afraid of ultraviolet rays
    It if the diamond is filtered with a strong ultraviolet rays after ozone filtration, you can see the small pit point on the surface of the diamond. Therefore, do not put your diamond jewelry in the sun, or even zoom in the mirror, if so, it is likely to hurt your diamond.
    04 Diamonds are afraid of heat
    . Although the diamond is formed under high temperature and high pressure, its main ingredient is carbon. It will burn to 800 degrees in the air and turn into carbon dioxide gas. So don't let your diamonds close to high temperature, let alone be curious, test the diamond with Daminghuo.
    05 Diamonds are afraid of impact
    aren't diamonds the hardest, but they are still afraid of impact? That's right, the diamond itself is hard, but the harder the substance is often more fragile. Although diamonds can cut anything and are not afraid of wear, but diamonds are afraid of impact, and it is easy to break, so please do not take the diamond to do severe behavior.

  2. Afraid of the diamond ring falling into the sewer. The detergent used during brushing will have the effect of lubricant, and the diamond ring may fall accidentally after friction with the bowl.

  3. Because the oil fume during cooking will cause a bad tone of the diamond ring shell, resulting in not too much appreciation space, and diamonds will break or break

  4. Because diamonds are intact, it will absorb the dirt in oil dirt and affect its color. If you don’t want to remove it, you can wear gloves

    It if you are dirty, you can use toothpaste to clean it, or you can take it in the store for maintenance

  5. Because the chemical elements in the hand washing solution may cause corrosion of diamonds or gold ornaments, and the gemstone loses its original glory, in order to protect the ring, it is generally taken off when brushing the bowl.

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