Where can I have a clothing wholesale market in Dalian?

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  1. The main clothing wholesale market in Dalian is: Shuangxing Commodity City (Da Cai City), South Korean clothing wholesale city in front of the station, and Wenzhou City in Erqi Plaza.

  2. The most comprehensive big vegetable market behind the railway station, many large shopping malls in Dalian are purchased there, and: the big world of Twenty -7 Trading [sitting 708, 534, 31, 402, 11, 203, etc.] Wenzhou City, Xi'an Road [sitting 705, 708, 202, waiting]. Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence Essence There are places, these are the biggest, but remind you that it is not necessarily genuine. Ha ha. Pay attention!

  3. 1. Real and benefited clothing, Address: 4th floor of 99 Jiatai Shopping Plaza, Changchun Road, Dalian City;

    . Dalian Shuangxing Commodity City, Address: Cross from Xingye Street and Qingni Street in Dalian City 50 meters northwest;

    3. Golden clothing city, Address: East side of the intersection of Dalian City and Minzheng Street;
    n 4. Jinping boutique store, address: Building No. 25, Huafu, Santai Township, Santai Township, Dalian City;

    5. Shan Shanyi Pavilion, Address: In the Yaohui Marketing Courtyard, Fuzhou Bay, Fuzhou Bay, Dalian City.

  4. The wholesale of Da Cai City is a lot of
    but the wholesale of the old buildings on the east side can be all
    The price is also reasonable
    can be bargain
    Zhenfu Mall
    Then there are wholesale
    and foreign trade goods
    The price is general
    R n cheap price

  5. It seems that Changzhou has no clothing wholesale market, only the retail market
    (Kyushu clothing city
    road bridge
    Kowloon wholesale market) Most of these markets are the newly -in -special clothing in Suzhou's Changshu in Suzhou to see the goods in detail Address: (Show Hall) 518-3, Mouping Tonghai Road, Yantai, Shandong, 518-3 New Dadi Clothing City Ximen T6 Hall
    [Line]: Take bus 60 from Yantai Railway Station or Yantai Bus Station (Youth Road Bus Station) Muping District Station, transferred to the west gate of the new land clothing city, the first right hand on the second floor of the floor.

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