Where is the Foshan Nanhai Public Bicycle Card?

Please explain the detailed address, it is best to have a bus line! Intersection Intersection Thanks !!!

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  1. There seems to be a lot of points for the South China Sea to work in the office of bicycle cards. I really do the public bicycle points next to the Wal -Mart supermarket in the South China Sea. The deposit is 200 and the rent is 10 yuan. Many cars come here.

  2. The Nanhai Public Bicycle is only used on Dali Street, Guicheng Street. If you are near the side of Guicheng Dali, it is best to consult the staff at the nearest bicycle rental point, so that the answer will be more accurate.

  3. Conditions
    The age is over 12 years old to less than 60 years old (including 12 years old or over 16 years of age, should be handled under the control of adults who are peers. nThis materials
    In personal cards
    Min, I use the original and photocopy of the ID card (A4 paper copy), each lease card is recharged 210 yuan cash (200 yuan for bicycle deposit, 10 yuan for car rental consumption consumption consumption consumption Tariffs), fill in the "Application Form for Public Bicycle Rental Card" when applying.
    The group card
    The groups of enterprises (including private), institutions, institutions, and social groups are used as objects. When applying, you need to fill in the "Group Concession Card Rental Registration Form", sign the "Card Rental Agreement in the Public Bicycle Group Card of the Chancheng District", and bring the unit's code certificate, a copy of the business license, and the introduction letter of the unit. (100 yuan is a bicycle deposit, 10 yuan is a car rental consumption fee, and the unit guarantees its integrity.)
    The charge standards
    1, free within 1 hour, 1 hour to 2 hours (inclusive) charge 1 yuan car rental Service fees;
    2, 2 hours to 3 hours (inclusive), and then charge a car rental service fee of 2 yuan;
    3, more than 3 hours or more, increase the cost of 3 yuan per hour (less than one less than one Hours are calculated for one hour).
    D number site name details
    1 Terrace of Tiaofian Fang Talent Apartment Station Shiwan Park Langfang Talent Apartment on the south side of the parking lot
    2 Zencheng Central Hospital Station stone At the entrance of the main entrance of the Bay Cultural Park
    3 Foshan University on the West side of Foshan University
    4 The west side of the bus station at the door of Shiwan Bus Station
    5 Dabei Gate Station Buddha Daibei Gate
    7 Talent Market Station Talent Market Facial Bus Station
    8 Vehicle Management Office across the vehicle management office of the vehicle management office
    9 Zhangye Cultural Park Station Cultural Park door west Side
    10 Dongpong Village Station of Dongshi Village intersection on the west side
    11 Guanhua Kindergarten Station Guanhua Kindergarten Gate on the north side
    12 Jinsha New City Station west entrance and exit on the east and out of the exit n13 Yijing Liyuan The bus station across the bus station
    14 Jiancun Station Shanquan Tea Village on the west
    15 Tangyuan Station Ruishan Building side
    16 Chengmen Gate Square Sinking Plaza
    17 fire protection Opposite to the Fire Bureau of Chengmen West Road, the Bureau Station
    18 The west side of the entrance of the Creative Industry Park
    19 Good and multiple stations Jihua Si Road Good and Multi -Supermarket Gate
    20 Sixth Middle School in Liuzhong Station in Liuzhong Station
    21 City Pakistan Terminal Station City Pakistani Station City Pakistani Station Before greening
    22 Silk Street Station Silk Street, a boxing hall in the middle of Silk Street
    23 Chengbei Middle School Beijing Middle School Gate
    24 Rainbow Bridge Station Rainbow Bridge West
    25 Fenjiang Fenjiang Fenjiang Fenjiang Bus Station Fenjiang Middle Road and Gaji Street junction
    26 The front of Fenjiang Middle Medicine Hospital of Fenjiang Middle Medicine Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital
    27 Science Museum Station Fenjiang Middle Road Science Museum
    28 Baiyan Park Station Porridge Porridge Jiazhuang n29 Xuangong Hotel Station Kinden Road China In front of China
    30 Qionghua Theater Station Liyuan Square Bronze Statue on the right
    31 Lotus Plaza Lotus Road Lotus Plaza
    32 Zhaoxiang East Road Station Zhaodong convenience The west side of the market bus station
    33 Oriental Plaza Nanmen Station Jinhua Road Dongfang Plaza Bus Station East side
    34 Dongfang Plaza North Gate Yong'an Hospital
    35 Industrial Avenue Station Industrial Avenue in the middle of the bus station r r
    36 On the right side of the gate of Zhongshan Park, Zhongshan Park
    37 Railway Station Wenchang Road Railway Station Square
    38 Liangyuan Station Liangyuan Torii front left
    39 Foshan No. 1 Middle Station No. 1 n40 文庆路站加油站南侧居民区前rn41 市一医院站市一医院停车场入口rn42 岭南明珠西门站岭南大道岭南明珠西门rn43 市政府站同济路与Lingnan Avenue intersection
    44 Tongji Market Station West side of Jinyu Street
    45 Yongfeng Building Station East Bar in Yongfeng Building
    46 Nanyu Park Station back to Longdong Street at the corner of Nanpu Park
    47 Rongshan Middle School Station Rongshan Middle School on the west side
    48 Provincial Transportation Technical School Station Tonghua Road Provincial Transportation Technical School Gate
    49 Health Hospital Health Hospital Gate
    50 Customs Station Customs Gate
    51 Gymnasium Station Gate Gate
    52 Danghong Park Station West Gate
    53 Danghong Road Station East Gate toilet R r
    54 City Second Hospital Weiguo Road City Second Hospital East
    55 Tongji Bridge Station Pulan Second Road Bus Station Southern side
    56 Shunlian International Station Shunlian International Jindafu Gate
    57 Jihua Garden Dongmen Station Jihua Wu Road and Huayuan West Road Southwest Point
    58 Municipal Government Ximen Station Military Division door on the left
    59 Children's Activity Center Station Portal After the art park Ximen Bus Station
    61 Lingnan Pearl Pearl Dongmen Station Lingnan Pearl East Gate right
    62 Wenbei Road Station Haolei South side
    63 Shangshi Station Wenbei Road Original Party School
    64 Town At the junction of Andong Road and Jihua Sixth Road in Anzhan Town
    65 Guofang Road Station Guofu Road Drainage Drainage Disclosure Center door
    66 Zumiao Street Office Street Office Park
    67 Hengfu New City Station At the gate of the New City Residence Committee
    68 Landscape House Station Corridor Garden intersection
    69 City Three Hospital Station, Third Medical Hospital of the Third Medical Hospital
    70 Liyong Station south side n71 administrative service center station Lanlan Lanlan Lanlan Stone Stainless Steel Market
    72 Liri Ting Station Kuizi Second Road Ligi Ting front
    73 Poyang Village Station Poyang Village Torii East Longsheng Iron Field
    74 Sea View Lanwan Blue Bay Pedestrian Street On the south side of the entrance
    75, the east side of the New Third Central Gate of the New Third Middle Station of the New Third Middle Station n76 Dongjiang Huayuan Station on the north side of Liming Erxing
    77 Jingui Garden Station East Jingui Gate at Huayuan East Road, the south
    78 City Opposite the main gate of the second middle school of Zhongzhan Station
    79 Yingyin Road Station Pingyuanzhi Street Entou Faculty Community
    80 Rose Primary School Station Rose Primary School Gate
    81 Huijing Park Station at the west side of the door of Huijing Park door
    82 Huijing Book City Station Huijing Book City
    83 Emperor Jingwan Station Lvjing Road and Hujing Road intersection
    84 Wenhua Park Station Wenhua Middle Road Municipal Public Technology Center Dongmen Station Yayi Park East Gate Exit
    86 Yongxinhu Jingyuan Station Lake Jingyuan Electric House Gate
    87 Rainbow Rainbow Station Rainbow Road Huanhu Market on the Lake Market
    88 Pearl River Fishing Village Station Bus The west side of the standing sign
    89 Rose Garden Station Lingnan Avenue and Lujing Road intersection
    90 Shenning Road, Shenning Road, Shenning Road, and Lingnan Avenue intersection
    91 Yicui Rose Station Nanhai Avenue Yicui Rose Station On the south side
    92 Nanhai Avenue Station South China Sea Avenue and the northwest corner of Tongji East Road
    93 Nanzhuang Yueying Station Nanzhuang Ecological Park Nanyang Yingyue
    94 Green Island Lake Administrative Service Hall Administrative Service Center (Green Island Lake) North Gate parking lot Exit on the right
    95 Huabao South Road Station Huabao South Road Guoxing Optoelectronics Company Gate on the left
    96 Haikou Village Station Jikou Haikou Haikou Village Juguang Food
    97 Porcelain Sea International Station Porcelain Sea International gate on the west side
    98 Ceramics Headquarters Base Station Ceramics Headquarters Base Convenience Store Sideline Garden Station Nanzhuang Ecological Park command department on the front north side
    101 Chao'an Road Metro Station (subway entrance) Chao'an Road Red and Green Light Subway Exit
    102 Zu Temple Station (Metro Exit) Jianxin intersection (China Postal Savings Bank to the right side )
    103 Golden Horse Shadow Theater Station (Metro Exit) the west side of the Golden Horse Theater on the Fenjiang Middle Road
    104 Tongji West Road Station (Metro Exit) Tongji West Road and the southwest corner of Fenjiang Middle Road
    105 Jihua Garden Station ( Subway entrance) At the junction of Fenjiang South Road and Yingyin Road
    106 Kuich Road Station (Metro Exit) Kuich Road and Fenjiang South Road, the northeast corner of the border of Fenjiang South Road
    107 Zhaoxiang East Road Station (Metro Pass) Zhaoxiang Middle Road Next to Zhaoxiang Park
    108 Pujun Metro Station Zhaoxiang East Road and Shidong Shang Road intersection
    109 Fuxi Village Station The south of the field road to the north, the north side of the gate of the cargo station road on the north side of the sidewalk
    110 East Field Station North to the north to the north to the north, Foshan Shenwei Hot Exchange Co., Ltd. On the left of the door
    112 Dongsheng Market Station Dongsheng Resident Committee door
    113 Biaqiao Bridge Station
    114 Foshan Electric Power Station Renmin Road West to the east, Foshan Power West Green Belt On the top, the enrollment center promotes the west side of the window
    115 Guxin Road Guxin Road (north side of the rivers side of the Pricile Factory)
    116 Garden Square Station to the south to the north to the south of the entrance of the entrance of the Bank (Near Garden Square)
    117 Hongye Garden Station and East China one street east to the west, the green belt on the east side of the gate of Hongye Garden, opposite Rongshan Middle School Sports Field
    118 Jihua Sixth Road Station Jihua Sixth Road Station Tunnel On the mouth (Minghui Building)
    119 Tongji Courtyard Station Tongji East Road to the west, on the east side of the Tongji Courtyard, next to the bus station pavilion
    120 Jihua Qi Road Station Jihua In the east of Qilu to the west, the sidewalk in front of Jihua Jinpin Real Estate, next to the sales center logo
    121 Buddha Chen Qiaojiao Station South China Avenue to the north to the north, next to the station of the bus station at the North Station of Fo Lake Garden East Gate Station South China Sea Avenue north to the south, around the south side of the bus station on the bus station of the Lake Garden Station, about 15 meters from the bus station
    123 Jiajunhua Garden Station west to the east to the east. Junhuayuan intersection human sidewalk, exchange space hand -drawn design store signboard
    124 Dongjiang (International) Station Gangkou Road intersection, Dongjiang Huayuan (Shiwan Street Office City Welfare Institute)
    125 Dongjian Century Square Jihua West to the east of the West Road, the Pulan Road intersection, the location of the original bus station
    126 Olympic Station Lake Jing Road north to the south, the green space east of Yajule Kindergarten
    127 Green Jingyuan Station Jingyuan East Road China Telecom China Telecom Later
    128 Zhuoyuan International Station Jihua Wu Road west to the east, on the sidewalk in front of Zhuo Yuan International, relying on the inner green belt
    129 Jihua Park West Station to the south to the north to the north, Jihua Park, Jihua Park, and Jihua Park Ximen (Behind Fenjiang South Road Bus Station) (Entrepreneurs Building)
    130 Hongxiang Station Lake Jing Road to the north to the north side of the entrance of Hongxiang Commercial and Residential Area Greening Belt
    131 Yingyin Road in the city center of the city center to the west, the east side of the east side of the east side of the center center of the city center
    132 Qingshui Street Station Shiwan Public Security Bureau entrance of Shidi Hakka Zhuang Kuichi Road (Hakka Village) (Hakka Village) (World Expo Home Station)
    134 Corridor Park Gallery Park (Pingyuan North Street Huayuanjiaojiao Exit) (East of Huijing City)
    135 Green Scenic Corridor Station Fenjiang South Road In the south to the north, the sidewalk behind Fenjiang South Bus Station (relying on the north intersection at the north)
    136 Lvjing Primary School Station Huayuan East Road north to the south, the east side of Lvjing Primary School (Huijing Middle School)
    137 Peace Road Heping Road 1506 (Nanfeng Ancient Stove)
    138 Kuici West Road Station Kuichi West Road and Zhenzhong Road junction (loyalty market)
    139 Labor Camp Station to the south to north to the north, Laixiang Road At the intersection, the south side of the bus station card, the red lion ceramic wall edge
    140 Guiyuan Road Station to the west to the east, the sidewalk at the intersection of Wugang Road, in front of the villagers in Henan Village, the east side of the parking lot exit
    141 Fancun Station Kuici West Road to the east, Fancun people's crossing bridge bottom
    142 north to the north to the north of Wugang Road, Jigang Road Station, Jihua Fourth Road intersection, Huagao Sanitary Walks, south side sidewalk roads
    143 and Sheng Industrial Park Xiabao Pochi Knitting Industrial Park right side
    144 Jade Belt Knitting City Station West West to the West to the West (opposite Deli Kaiti Weaving Factory)
    145 Laosha Second Road Station In the east to the west of Lugsha Second Road, the sidewalk on the east side of the environmental transportation and the city administration bureau (rely on motor lanes)
    146 Yugai Building Station Langsan Road west to the east, knitting wholesale market entrances on the west side of the entrance of the door of the market
    147 Water Industry Group Station Tongji West Road eastward to the west, opposite Foshan Water Industry Group, Qingxin Xuan Tea Art Anti -Away
    148 Garden Street Station Land Industry Park East Gate, Opposite Bosch Automobile Maintenance Store r r r r r r r r N149 Tiejun Park Station Weiguo West Road Tiejun Park east gate, Sinopec Foshan Branch, the sidewalk
    150 Zhangye Taxation Bureau Station Zhang Ye San Road east to the west, Zhangye Taxation Bureau signs (yellow) on the sidewalk behind the sidewalk
    151 Liantang Water Gate Station Liantang Water Station (Environmental Monitoring Center)
    152 Ancient Stove Station The sidewalk across the high speed entrance (at the entrance of the ancient stove market)
    153 Zhangye all the way to the west to the east, the road on the door of the Gate of the Industrial Park
    154 Dajiang Farmers Apartment Station Zhang Ye Er Road
    155 Hongnong Yuan Qingfeng Road north to the south, the south side of the south side of the Hongong Nongyuan entrance (relying on the driving lane), the back of the bicycle lane signs
    156 East Bay Station Fenglin Road (Laowan Road) northward In the south direction, the new all -care vehicle maintenance plant
    157 Zhangye Hospital Station Zhangye Second Road west to the east, on the sidewalk between Fenglin Road intersection and the Zhangye Water Conservancy Institute, relying on the inner green belt
    158 Nanzhuang Luonan Ecological Park Nanzhuang Ronan Ecological Park
    159 Nanzhuang Cultural Plaza Shinan Avenue gas station on the right side (opposite Rural Commercial Bank)
    160 sea view garden sea view garden front road The sidewalk on the left side of the front of the Nanzhuang Passenger Station
    162 Huaxia Exhibition Station Taobo Road Huaxia Convention and Exhibition Center door in front of the green belt
    163 Nanzhuang Hospital Station Nangzhuang Hospital's bus station (next to Nanzhuang Park 135 bus terminal)
    164 Zhangye Dasha Station Zhangye Second Road Zhongfa Hotel
    165 Dajiang Station, Dajiang Road, Foshan Road, Foshan Provincial Resettlement Demonstration Community, the left side of the door of the door of Dajiang Road
    166 Zhonghai Wenhua Kishi Wenhua Road and Shenning Road intersection r r r r r r r r
    167 Experimental Middle School Station List Road and Shenning Road (opposite the experimental school)
    168 No. 7-9 Zhonglu Town, Zhonglu Station (Southwest Hotel)
    169 Lvjing Second Road Station Lvjing Second Road and the Lvjing 2nd Road and The west side of the junction of Wenhua Road
    170 Huaying School Station Lake Jing Road and the west side of the junction of Shenning Middle Road
    171 Lanshi Road Station Lanshi One Road and Foshan Avenue (front of the non -ferrous metal market)
    172 Wal-Mart Station Lingnan Avenue and Jihua Road border Wal-Mart Gate Plaza
    173 Lingnan Bus Hub Station on the south side (Lingnan Avenue)
    174 Golden Land-Jiulongbi Station Huming Street Jindi. R n175 Yajule Station Wenhua Road and Cultural Neighborhood Committee in the middle
    176 Country Garden City Garden Lingnan Avenue Country Garden door
    177 Dongping Bridge Station Dongping Bridge bus hub
    178 塱 塱 n n 塱 塱 n n n n
    179 Lianhua Second Road Lianhua Liantang Village archway at Liantang Station (next to the bus station) r r r
    180 Jinlan North Road Jinlan North Road and Houlongxi Street junction
    181 Dafu Station Lian Lian Da Road Dafu Health House next to the canal
    182 Wang Diegang Station Shakou Waterwater Square Ecological Park Gate (Zhang段 All Road Extension)
    183 Poly Road and Zhangye Road at Pauli Road Station (in front of the former Village Village Committee)
    184 Jiangdi Road, Jiangdi Road Jinhongmian Plant (No. 51, Bao Baoshong Road, No. 51 Opposite greening)
    185 Poly Champagne Garden Light Industry Road and Xianyu Road border Poly Champagne left
    186 Zhangye Social Security Bureau 塱 Zhangye Social Security Branch on the left
    187 Junlang Junlangyuanyuan The north small gate comes out, and the east side of the Shangxian Village Committee
    188 Smart New City Huabao South Road Smart New Town Gate
    189 Zhangyu Central Primary School Zhangye Central Primary School door (Light Industry Road)
    190 Luo Lianying Station Light Industry Road Royal Employment on the west side (Yuyu Shangyuan)
    191 Yugai Park East Park (Jiaojiao Road and Zhangye Second Road)
    192 Village Onda Station Zhangye Road and Villageki intersection Left side (opposite Yintiange Restaurant)
    193 New Media Industrial Park Zen West Avenue and Light Industry Road (at the entrance of the New Media Industrial Park)
    194 Sands Market Gate (Jinsha Street)
    195 Piece 32 Daluan Street (Silk Heheng Street)
    196 Port Middle Road Hong Kongkou Road along the coast of Xinding, Foshan Daily, the right side of the port of Foshan Daily
    197 Laogan Hanghong Road No. 7 Laogan House back door
    198 Sea Shincun Shincun Wenbei neighborhood committee (153 bus terminal)
    199 postal bureau Fenjiang Road and Jihua Road Post Bureau green belt
    200 water pumping factory Hebin Road Foshan health school dormitory and water pump factory
    201 Tongji New Village Tongji Road Tongji New Village East Exit Road
    202 Nanguti Market, Nanguti Road, Nanguti Market (opposite to Wensha Road No. 17 )
    203 Tongji West Road Buddhist Academy of Tongji West Road Tongji Branch on Tongji West Road Station
    204 Tongji East Road Station Tongji East Road and Wenhua Road Border Park, the walkway The sex pharmaceutical factory bus station
    206 Pulan Road Pulan Road Hengwei Electric Power Installation Company on the right
    207 Baiyan Park West Railway Station Paiyan Road Baiyan Park on the northwest side n208 City 10th Middle School Station Former sidewalks for the Towel Factory Exhibition Department (Junction of Wenhua Road and Zhaoxiang Road)

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