Where to shop in Dalian

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  1. There are five major commercial centers in Qingniwa Bridge, Tianjin Street, Renmin Road and Xi'an Road, and Heping Plaza. Among them, the Qingniwa Bridge business district near the train station is the most prosperous. The famous shopping malls here include: Dashang Group, Qiulin Women's Store, Maikaile Mall, Shengli Plaza, etc. Tianjin Street Commercial Pedestrian Street is known as "Nanjing Road in Dalian". There are old stores in Xintianbai Building along the road. The friendship mall on Renmin Road is the highest -end commercial building in Dalian, and Parkson and Carrefour, Tianxing Roosevelt, and Fujia Xintiandi on Xi'an Road have become a new highlight of Dalian business.

  2. Dalian Shopping Center Linli, Dalian Shopping Mall, Qiulin Women's Store, Dashang Men's Store, Maikaile Mall, Victory Underground, Friendship Mall, Parkson Shopping Center, New Mate Shopping Center, New World Department Store, Jiuguang Department Store, Centennial City, Lianlian, Lianlian Yang Department Store, Fujia Xintiandi, Roosevelt Shopping Center, Jinhui Mall, Heping Plaza, Qiansheng Department Store, Xintiandai Shopping Center, 200 Building, Wal -Mart Underground Shopping Mall, Central Yujing Shopping Center (under construction), Times Square (high -end ), Famous Fang (High -end), Hang Lung Square (the largest commercial monomer in the Northeast), Champs Lili Shopping Center (under construction), small commodity wholesale market, Shuangxing Commodity City, Erqi Plaza and other comprehensive shopping centers, there are Wal -Mart, and Wal -Mart, and Large -scale comprehensive supermarkets such as Carrefour, Metro, Mandarin, Music Shopping, Good and Duo, Beijing Huarian and other large -scale supermarkets such as IKEA, Decathlon, Bai'anju and other specialized supermarkets. Tourists who love shopping can be satisfied.

  3. Friendship Mall, a century -old city selling international brands, cosmetics, etc. New World Department Store, Mai Kaile, Parkson, New Mart, Dalian Mall domestic brand. Qiu Lin women's clothing, the fashion avant -garde clothes, accessories, etc. sold by Shengli Department Store. Double -star product city daily life, vegetables, fruits and small products. What I know is that.

  4. The Qingni Bridge near Dalian Railway Station is the most important business district; the other is Xi'an Road, the area of ​​Huanghe Road, which is also more lively, and there are some new shopping places, which feels good.

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