As a new topic at that time crossing the TV series, what kind of story does "Palace Lock Bead Curtain" tell?

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  1. "Palace" 2 spoiler
    The first episode
    This said that Eight Brother passed through the 21st century through 9 -star Lianzhu, met Qingchuan and hugged Qingchuan at the door of the antique shop.
    It, in order to make 8 Brother 8 adapting to modern life, I told the truth of the 8th brother, and told 8 Brother not to tell anyone about his true identity. In order to prevent others from knowing the identity of the 8 Brother, Qingchuan named Yin Yin to the 8th Brother. And dress it up as modern people. In order to let the 8 Brother stay in her home, Qingchuan told her mother that when she was wandering, she took care of her, and asked her to leave the 8th Brother at home to take care of her antique shop with herself.

    The second episode
    I Gejo learned that he had been accepted by the 21st century after more than 200 years. She also taught him how to use his mobile phone, how to speak, how to use water, fire, and so on. Eight Brother loves Qingchuan in order to adapt to modern times and studies hard. However, Eight Brother spoke strangely, and his movements and living habits were different from modern people. Mother Luo had doubts. Mother Luo secretly asked Lin Feifan to ask whether he knew this person, and told Lin Youfan about the weird speech and life of this person. Lin Feifan came to the antique shop and met with Luo's mother and the 8th Brother, and told the 8th brother Lin Feifan's fiance of Luo Qingchuan. Qingchuan Daifa blame his mother to talk about it, and explained to the 8th Brother. 8 Grando labels that he doesn't care, but he is uncomfortable.

    The third episode
    The antique shop in Qingchuan is not good. It mainly relies on some friends brought by Lin Feifan to maintain business. Mother Luo's condition is getting heavier and early. Married to Lin Feifan, this was exactly heard by Brother 8. That night, the 8 Brother was very depressed. Qingchuan saw that the 8 Brother asked why he asked why, and the 8 Brother told Qingchuan that he might not come to the world that did not belong to him. Qingchuan wants 8 brothers, don't think too much, everything will be fine. Lin Feifan brought an antique merchant boss Liu. Boss Liu came to the antique shop noticed that 8 Brother was different from ordinary people. He invited 8 Brother to participate in the antiques seminar. Liu's invitation and came to the meeting with him. At the meeting, Boss Liu asked the 8 Brother 8 to speak and appeared in the foreign world. 8 After the disappearance of Brother Qingchuan, there was no news everywhere. Qingchuan, who had lost his soul, decided to cross again to find 8 Brother 8. She found someone to calculate the time of 9 stars, prepared, and told Lin Yudi that he wanted him to take care of her mother first. She came to the woods and crossed it again.

    Episode 4
    This time again, Qingchuan opened his eyes and found that he was on a boat. Qingchuan shouted the name of 8 Brother, but the boatman (Aiu Brother) was not 8 Brother. Brother Aiu saw Qingchuan woke up and told Qingchuan that he saw her in a coma on the shore to help her board the ship. Qingchuan learned that it was the end of the Tang Dynasty from the end of the Tang Dynasty. He was in Qiantang, and the national soldiers were turbulent. Qingchuan deceived Aiu Brother said that his family died in the war. Brother Aiu saw Harukawa who took her pity at home and asked her to sell fish in the market during the day and went fishing by herself. Qingchuan attracted a lot of customers in a unique way to sell. Aiu's fish was sold out at once, and the business became better and better. Aiu Jiana is beautiful and can gradually feel good about Qingchuan. Qingchuan asked the old eight when he was selling fish every day when he was selling fish to describe the appearance of Eight Brother, but no one had seen it. So Qingchuan invited the artist to paint the portrait of Lao Ba for helping Aiu to find it.

    Episode 5
    Aniu found no news for a few days in a row. Suddenly, he saw the notice of the officers and soldiers on the street. The portrait is the same as Qingchuan. Aiu came back and told Qingchuan that Qingchuan said that he was not the daughter of Zhou Zong. Aiu proposed to pretend that Zhou Zongzhi could come into contact with more wealthy people in order to better find Eight Brother. Qingchuan default. When Aiu Lingqing entered Zhoufu, when he saw the emperor and De Fei mother, Qingchuan immediately knelt down and prepared to call "the emperor's auspicious auspiciousness". It turned out that the "emperor" in front of him was Zhou Zong (Tang Zhenye) Zhou Zong's wife Jia (Liu Xuehua) and Qingchuan became Zhou Zong's second daughter Zhou Jiamin. Aiu became Zhou Jiawu

    Episode 6
    Zhou Zong was in a good mood after finding a daughter who had been away from home for 3 years. And told her daughter who would never be forced to marry in the future. It turned out that the real daughter of Zhou Zong left home because Zhou Zong arranged a marriage dissatisfaction. Qingchuan knew that he was false, and immediately left Zhoufu in order to avoid trouble Harukawa decided to find Eight Brother as soon as possible. Zhou Zong ordered the housekeeper (Ren Xuehai) to notify Zhou Xian, the eldest daughter who was married. Qingchuan remembers that the history book said that Zhou Xian was married to the southern Tang Dynasty Li Yu, and Zhou Xian's sister Zhou Jiamin was also married to Li Yu. Harukawa is determined to find the Eighth Brother to leave the Zhou family as soon as possible, and don't let himself be involved in this history.

    Episode 7
    Zhou Xian learned that his father found his sister and returned from the palace immediately. Zhou Xian (Xi Xue) and Qingchuan recognized each other. Qingchuan never expected that Zhou Xian turned out to be the past life of Ningxiang. In the Qing Dynasty, he was his own love rival now. Now he has become his sister. Zhou Xian asked where Qingchuan had gone in three years, and Qingchuan answered vaguely. Zhou Xian told Qingchuan that he has now married Li Yu, the third son of the Emperor Li Jin of the Southern Tang Dynasty. The two came to the garden, and Zhou Xian told her sister Li Yu as a very talented prince, and it was good to her. Qingchuan thought that everyone knew that Li Yu was a good king, but unfortunately, he did not end well. When leaving, Zhou Xian sent Li Yu to her Yuhuan and Qingchuan, telling her that she would send someone to pick her up in the palace to play after some days.

    Episode eight
    This Chuan asked Aiu to find Eight Brother while inquiring about the whereabouts of Zhou Min in order to get away in the future. On this day, Qingchuan and his subordinates Xiao Cui suddenly heard the jewelry on the street and suddenly heard a group of people groaning, and Qingchuan went to the fun. It turned out that a woman's unwilling to sell her and caused a noble son to be dissatisfied. The woman in the Red Mansion turned out to be "Su Yan" Qingchuan Gang Su Yan was uneven and drove away the man with the "brain turning turning". "Su Yan" invited the Qingchuan House to narrate. It turned out that "Su Yan" was called Zhenniang. She was in Suzhou in the end of the Tang Dynasty. She was forced into a brothel in order to live in order to live. Zhen Niang said that at first sight, Zhen Niang and Qingchuan wanted to accompany her. Qingchuan promised.

    Episode ninth
    Zhou Xian sent people to pick up Qingchuan into the palace, and Qingchuan bid farewell to Zhou Zong and Jia's to the palace. Zhou Xian arranged the room to the sister, and told her sister's emperor and grandson tomorrow to give the emperor Li Jin He Shou. Li Yu was arranging the show to perform tomorrow. Qingchuan was bored and suddenly saw "Xiaochunzi" in the palace. Qingchuan caught up and asked who he was. "Xiaochunzi" told Qingchuan that he was Zhao Kuangyi to give a congratulatory gift to the emperor. Qingchuan thought, he did not expect that the "Xiaochunzi" was the emperor. Qingchuan told Zhao Kuangyi in the future, and Zhao Kuangyi retreated. The next day, the emperor's life banquet, the princes and grandsons all showed their original color. Qingchuan and Zhou Xian were applauding all the way. It was Li Yu's turn to paint. Qingchuan thought, did the eight elder brother on the stage wear more or his previous life? Li Yu's work won his father's praise. After the birthday feast, Li Yu returned home, and Zhou Xian introduced Qingchuan and Eight Brother to know. Eight Brother didn't know Qingchuan, but he was very polite to take care of his sister, and walked away. Qingchuan was very disappointed and left the palace and returned home that day.

    Episode tenth
    Qingchuan knows that Li Yu is not wearing an increasingly eight brother, but the previous life of the Eight Brother, and it is already unacceptable to Marry Qingchuan. Draw a forest -like appearance. The next day, Qingchuan came to the restaurant to find Zhenniang. Zhen Niang saw Qingchuan who was overjoyed. Qingchuan wants to drink with her. Ask Zhen Niang if he loved people. Seeing Qingchuan, Zhen Niang was in a bad mood to comfort her, and told Qingchuan that she also deeply loved someone and was willing to wait for him throughout his life. Qingchuan was drunk and slept in Zhenniang's room that night, and returned to the house the next day.

    Episode 11
    Li Yu saw his wife's sister so hurriedly, thinking that he was neglecting his sister. The next day, the prayer sent a bun and a letter as an apology, and invited the sister to go to the palace to enjoy the chrysanthemum again. Harukawa missed Eighth, so he agreed. Seeing Li Yu, Li Yu was ashamed to blame himself that he had no good hospitality that day, and Qingchuan said he didn't care. Li Yu personally accompanied Qingchuan to enjoy the chrysanthemum in the back garden. Qingchuan watched the beloved person in front of him, but now he was crying. Seeing this, Li Yu thought that he would offend her again and again, and sent a handkerchief with her to tears. Suddenly the sky rained, they went to the pavilion to hide from the rain. Hiding in the pavilion, Li Yu wrote a poem. The rain stopped, Qingchuan returned to the house and promised to help Li Yu wash his clothes and return it to him.

    Episode thirteen
    The Harukawa returned to the house and has always been depressed. I think of the Ya Ge who had been with him for more than ten years and watched the silver gang sent by Li Yu. Jia's thoughts and discussions with Zhou Zong still had to give her daughter a good family. Zhou Zong blamed Jia's too worrying, but Jia was not assured of his daughter. On this day, Zhou Zong invited his old friend Zhao Jing to visit his home. Zhao Jing took 3 sons Zhao Kuangyi to visit. Jia's name was Qingchuan came out to meet each other, and the two greeted each other because they had seen each other. In the evening, Jia's asked whether Qingchuan was interesting to Zhao Gongzi. Qingchuan said wasn't it, but Jia's heart was already in his heart.

    Episode 14
    The decide to leave Zhoufu and leave this dynasty as soon as possible. I received a letter from Zhen Niang that day and invited Qingchuan to Syrian. When Qingchuan saw Zhen Niang's face full of sorrow, Zhen Niang told Qingchuan about her life. It turned out that Zhenniang had flowed from Chang'an to Suzhou since the end of the Tang Dynasty. Her parents died and helpless. Fortunately, when she met a son, she had always helped Zhenniang. Zhenniang committed suicide several times to help her resolve her several times. The son -in -law promised Zhenniang to pick up Zhenniang immediately after the "big event" was completed, so Zhen Niang waited for two years at this first. Qingchuan asked his son's name, and Zhen Niang told Qingchuan's name "Zhao Kuangyin" Harukawa remembered the historical book. This person was the son of Zhao Jing, which is the future Song Taizu. Qingchuan called Zhen Niang, don't worry, this person must have a difference. The next day, Qingchuan entered the palace to see her sister Zhou Xian, and washed Li Yu's clothes with Li Yu last time. Li Yu just smiled slightly. Qingchuan saw Li Yu and Zhou Xian's extremely affection, and it was not a taste.

    Episode fifteen
    On this day, Qingchuan got the news from Zhou Zong, because the offensive emperor of the North Han ordered Li Yu to send troops to 10,000 people. The households in the city were worried and said that the South Tang Dynasty would be destroyed. Li Yu put on the armor and took the troops to the north to resist the enemy. When he was leaving, Zhou Xian personally sent Li Yu and attached himself to Li Yu. Zhou Xian was worried about the husband's sleep on day and night. On this day, Qingchuan came to the palace to see Zhou Xian, and told her not to worry about it. Qingchuan returned from the palace to Aiu hurriedly pulling Qingchuan and said that today, in the coma where Qingchuan was coma that day, he found that a person was very similar to the person in Harukawa painted, and wanted to identify Qingchuan. Qingchuan came to the room and looked at it, and the person lying on the bed was Eight Brother. Still in a coma. Qingchuan wants Aiu to tell anyone about anyone, and he himself cooks his medicine himself. Eight Brother took his medicine slightly.

    has not yet released the plot after episode 15, so stay tuned for "Gong 2" gorgeous staggered

  2. "Palace Lock Pearl Curtain" plot introduction: ending the incredible space -time crossing, and harvesting Luo Qingchuan (Yang Mi) and my beloved Big Brother (Feng Shaofeng), who has harvested the ancient love, returned to modern times, and began a happy life. And Qingchuan has also become a hottest master in the film and television industry with its deep historical knowledge and personal experience.
    I. In a drama she wrote, the girl named (Yuan Shanshan) became the protagonist. The story took place during the Yongzheng period of the Qing Dynasty. In order to help his father's career, the daughter of Lingzhu, the daughter of Lingzhu, who was alternate, and rushed to meet the seventeen Wang Ye and had a relationship with Wang Ye during the Wangfu period.
    But her fate has led her into a dangerous and fierce palace. After some operations, Qi'er really got the emperor's favor, but the blessing was leaning, and she was destined to be filled with countless thorns.

    extension information

    "Palace Lock Bead Curtain" Role Introduction:
    1, Yunli
    loves Ping Er at first sight, but has to have to have to be in love, but I have to have to be Marry the Qing Gongge to rescue the teacher. Buried true love in the bottom of my heart and tangled between love and marriage. Almost every time I am twisted the audience's heart.
    2, Yongzheng
    . He was one of the emperors of the Qing Dynasty in the real history. Like other or lucky or tragic predecessors, the country was under the feet and beauty. At the beginning of a new role, the emperor had more tenderness, and he also knew how to pay attention and cherish the people around him. But his tenderness was only left to one person -that is, Niu Lulu Ping Er will guide the people around him in his life and gradually grow.
    3, Qier
    . She is a beaded woman who grows around the river. She is the persuasion of the Seventeenth Brother who deliberately arranged beside Yongzheng. She has a keen unique insight and pursuing love. Fradered is always yearning for light. There is no intrigue in her story, and there is no scam. She claimed that she might not be able to replace Qingchuan, but she had a lifetime to wait.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Palace Lock Bead Curtain

  3. Edit this paragraph of the plot

    HD stills-Palace Lock Bead Curtain (7) During the Yongzheng period, the daughter of Lingzhu, the elevator of the alternate four-product, to meet the seventeen king's gift for the father, the two Two feelings, who was going to be a couple. I did not expect that Li Li was to save the teacher A Ling, and had to marry A Ling's daughter Jiajia as his wife. The palace is ordinary, but I do n’t want to be used by the forces in the palace. Li Wei wants to form an alliance with her. The eunuch Su Peisheng will report to her. When the secret, when Plumer was breathless, she was accidentally seen by Yongzheng and became a concubine who loved it. At this moment, she suddenly found that everything suddenly became complicated. When you stop, you will be persecuted, and you may not even know herself even when you walk. At the Sancha intersection, she chose to believe in the sun and believe that the storm will always pass, so with her perseverance It broke out of the sky.
    Edit Poster of this paragraph

    The official promotion poster (6) The design poster "Palace Lock Bead Curtain" "Palace 2" is not broadcast. Many new -generation stars were invited to join. Tencent Weibo now collects the posters of "Palace 2" to play your imagination, draw a beautiful publicity map for "Palace Lock Bead Curtain", and use#to "Palace Lock Bead Curtain" Published on the design poster#Published on the topic. For specific requirements for the event, please see the right information on the right. We will send exquisite gifts to the selected members! "Gong 2" promotional map is depicted by you!
    In the relevant information of this paragraph
    The hot screen through the drama "Palace", when the sequel will start to shoot thousands of fans. Earlier, there were reports that "Palace 2" will describe the story of Qingchuan after the marriage of Qingchuan. On March 14, the screenwriter and producer of the "Palace" revealed in an interview that "the sequel is no longer around Qingchuan and Eight Brother, and it will be a new story." He said that Feng Shaofeng and Yang Mi will still be the The sequel No. 1, the show is expected to start in July. According to Yu Zheng, Yang Mi and Feng Shaofeng decided to appear in "Gong 2", and "Feng Mi Lian" will reproduce the sequel. There are rumors that Yang Mi now pays as high as 180,000 per episode. Asked whether the "Feng Mi" two people played "Palace 2", Yu Zheng said: "Now we haven't talked about the issue of film pay, just determine them to act." After the "Gong 2" was killed, it was Yu Zheng will prepare for the filming of the "Palace" movie.
    HD pictures- "Palace Lock Bead Curtain" Book Shadow (11 photos) During the shooting of the promotional video, the reporter also saw Yuan Shanshan who played the "Lily" game with Yang Mi, and Yu Zheng said that she would be "Gong 2" Another important role, "The name in the play is Pinger, which will become the imperial concubine of Yongzheng in" Palace 2 "!" For "Palace 2", which is about to start in July, the director said that the plot will be more compact and wonderful. The bridge section has also been staged more than once, and there are several shots of Yang Mi hanging in the promotional video several times. "Moreover, not only the heroine will wear it, but the actor will also go through through, so it will be fun." It is reported that "Gong 2" will meet with the audience on Hunan Satellite TV next summer.

  4. Summary of the plot:
    During the Yongzheng period, the daughter of Lingzhu, the eternity of the four -product, and the daughter of Lingzhu, Lingzhu, who asked the father to meet the seventeen king, and the two were in love. A Linga, who had to marry A Ling A Lingjia as his wife, and the sad pity was in the deep palace, eager to get out of the ordinary palace to live an ordinary life, but did not want to be used by the forces in the palace. Li Wei wants to form an alliance with her, and the eunuch Su Peisheng will report to her. The pro -sister Yu Shu betrayed her, and various secrets were buried in the highly harmonious deep palace. Yongzheng looked at the concubine who was in love with thousands of pets. At this moment, she suddenly found that everything suddenly became complicated, and she would be persecuted when she stopped. At the Sancha intersection, she chose to believe in the sun and believe that the storm will always pass, so with her perseverance, she finally broke into a day for herself.

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