Do you look good with traceless hair extensions and bangs

Hairdressers say fringe extensions can be done without a trace. But we need to have a solid understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of hair-free extensions before we can consider whether we should do hair-free extensions with bangs. Unlike traditional hair extensions, this method can hide the marks of hair extensions and make people's hair look natural.

However, there are also some disadvantages to hair extensions. People need to take great care of their hair after they have finished the traceless hair extensions. Otherwise, the hair will easily become knotted, thus ruining the effect of hair extensions. Women should also be careful not to break the connection between the wig and the real hair when combing and washing their hair.

14aadc650cfde2f7f8aee604a14cb0b6‚ÄčThus, AFTER the hairless EXTENSIONS THAT DID FRINGE, how should we WASH A HAIR TO SIMPLY won'T DESTROY ITS EFFECT? As many hair extension manufacturer will remind you that women need to run their bangs through before washing their hair, choosing a comb can also be tricky. We should choose a relatively wide board comb. This comb can not only comb away some of the messy scalp, but also massage the scalp. When washing hair, the water temperature should be controlled.

Don't wash your hair with water that is too hot or too cold. This is not good for our scalp and will affect the effect of hair extensions without marks. When washing hair, be careful to clean the fringe of the hair-free extensions, do not scratch it too badly. After washing your hair, use a hair dryer to half dry it.

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