diamond jewelry wholesale prices Is Wecocoin MLM?

diamond jewelry wholesale prices

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  1. jewelry wholesale design software Technically speaking, Victoria Coins are not truly decentralized open source digital currencies, but illegal publicity in the name of virtual currencies. This is the consensus of pedestrians in the currency circle.

    In law and model, Vicana coins are MLM scams that have been confirmed by mainland police! MLM fraud was carried out with gimmicks that issued virtual currencies. Victoria coins in Sweden have been banned due to illegal pyramid schemes. In mainland China, they have also been characterized by public security and police as online MLM by many domestic public security and police. Vikan MLM has been arrested on the mainland, and the news has been reported.

    The police from all over the number of residual nets have begun to investigate and capture many people. They are basically unable to survive in the mainland. Various conferences that members are packaged, all kinds of gimmicks are deceived, and they are brainwashed without knowing them. All the issuance of UnionPay cards is fake. The official organization of China UnionPay has made it clear that it has denied it. Many brainwashing cannot be extracted, not only deceived money, but also washed the brains. They advised new people to invest rationally, focusing on family, and not to deceive themselves.

    Why do many people find that Vica coins are still doing? Because these people have just finished the money and have not returned to the book, even if they find that they have not returned, they do not want to face the fact that they do MLM. In case others know that they are doing pyramid schemes, they have no face in front of relatives and friends, so they have to pretend to pretend for a moment.

    The people have already returned to the book because they have done it, but they still choose to continue to flicker behind the flickering in the face of interests.

    The time to verify the truth and disassemble lies. Some people see through the essence at a glance, and some people need a long time to wake up. Time will tell the truth. And those “Guardian” who once Vika coins will also fall into another wave of clown over time. ——Gaigao teacher, eight years of Internet finance veterans.

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