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  1. Tencent Micro Gold is a Tencent Gold Financial Management Platform. At the same time, the golden envelope has attracted everyone’s attention. So how does Tencent micro -gold use? Is Tencent Micro Gold Rest? Please take a look at it together.
    On how to use Tencent micro -gold?
    Tencent Micro Gold is Tencent Tenpay and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China to jointly online gold trading services. Customers can operate gold buying and selling, and the transfer of gold shares on the micro -gold platform. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is responsible for carrying out gold trading and asset security management for customers, and Tencent Tenpay guarantees customers’ transaction funds.
    First of all, Tencent Weijin is a WeChat public account. You do n’t need to download the app. You can find it directly through WeChat.
    In the WeChat APP-address book-public account-click the ” ” number in the upper right corner-enter Tencent WeChat gold-enter the relevant public account and click to follow
    Choose to invest.
    Te Tencent micro -gold rest?
    The Tencent Micro Gold Platform will rest, not to invest in any time. The specific rest time is as follows:
    buy time: Monday to Friday from 9: 40-22: 20 (legal holidays Except)
    Selling time: Monday to Friday from 9: 40-22: 20 (except legal holidays)
    Tence in Tencent Micro Gold Platform, there is a certain time limit for buying and selling Investors are not allowed to buy and sell operations.
    This above is the introduction of “How to rest with Tencent Micro Gold by Tencent Micro Gold?” In general, Tencent Micro Gold Platform operation is very simple and convenient, but investing in investment is Tencent Micro Gold’s platform and stocks. Similarly, gold financial management also wants to rest.

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