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    Detailed introduction

    Pre -sale tickets:
    May 26, 2006 -October 10, 2006 can be selected for one day Go.
    Tickets: VIP 580 yuan-including park tickets, send 120 game coins, VIP-specific channel entry;
    80 yuan-including park tickets, send 8 game coins;

    on-site tickets:
    This can only be purchased on the spot on the spot. Tickets, including park tickets, 4 game coins;

    The discount items: Purchasing pre -sale tickets can send 4 more game coins worth 20 yuan than on -site ticket purchase.

    The description:
    1 Pre -sale tickets have no time to limit tickets from May 26, 2006 to October 10, 2006, choose time to play in the paradise.
    2 on -site tickets can only be valid on the day, and do not enjoy the discounts of gaming currency.
    3 Student tickets and children’s votes must be less than 1.2 meters tall or holding a large, middle, elementary school student ID (adult education does not include)
    4 Please keep the tickets complete, and the auxiliary coupons are invalid.
    5 Tickets will not be returned after the ticket is sold.
    6 Gaming coins are collected at the entrance of the park with tickets.

    “Mummy Return to China Tour” is the theme park made based on the theme of the movie “Mummy”, which is one of the most box office appeal. It is the most successful adult that has been verified , One of the entertaining large -scale amusement projects, this combination has the world’s most popular entertainment franchise rights, and is a well -deserved international brand with the most box office appeal.
    Ih Hollywood Universal Studios officially launched a new thrilling amusement project created by modern high -tech — “Mummy Return” on June 25, 2004. The project is a comprehensive revision of the creepy “mummy” amusement project in the park. It is based on the horror scene of the film “Mummy” and its sequel “Mummy’s Return” in China. The theme park has been in Japan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, the Philippines, the United States, and Australia, which have successfully toured, and they all have a strong sensation where they go.

    Want to keep up with international entertainment? Want to feel the mysterious atmosphere of ancient Egypt? Want to participate in novel and interesting interactive games? Do you want to hit the special effects production method behind the scenes? Want to fully experience the thrilling stimulus journey? “Universal Studios” theme park must not be missed! Now this trend is about to attack Shencheng, are you ready?

    1, First Space -Audiovisual Exhibition Hall
    • Combining world -class exhibitions of ancient history and modern entertainment, through advanced playback methods, unveiled the mysterious veil of ancient Egyptian civilization.
    • Universal authorization of Universal Studios in Hollywood, USA, specially dedicated to the special “Behind the scenes” special.
    • By showing the historical relics of ancient Egypt, the real objects and audiovisual plan are combined to fully reproduce the real life of ancient Egypt.

    2, Second Space -The horror maze area
    • The setting is well -made, completely presenting the whole picture of the mummy world, bringing the realistic feelings.
    • The institution set up very well, unexpectedly and invincible, and compressed the audience’s fear nervous.
    • The perfect combination of sound light and shadow creates an extraordinary terrorist atmosphere and challenges the audience’s tolerance limit.

    3, the third space — the competitive game area
    • Fresh and interesting Egyptian special booth games, make you eager to try and show your skills.
    • The rare Egyptian jewelry and event series dolls are used as prizes of the game, adding game fun and tourists.
    • Complete free and casual space, let you enjoy a sense of relaxation!

    4, Fourth Space -Retail Rocket Collection Zone
    • Unique and rare small Egyptian products, novel and interesting ways to gain, bring a new new shopping experience.
    • The rare Egyptian clothing and decorations, high -tech technical support on the spot, leaving a precious memorial for your fantasy journey!
    • Complete and free casual space, let you reflect on Egypt’s extraordinary charm after stimulating adventure and help!

    Time: daily 10: 00-22: 00

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