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  1. There are many types of wedding rings. Common gold rings, platinum vegetarian rings, diamond rings, pattern rings, etc. Let’s take a look at the characteristics of each other, so that you can choose the correct wedding ring when buying.

    1, golden ring
    The golden ring is the most classic, and it is suitable for men and women. In order to change the bland appearance of the golden ring, you can use some tips. For example, you can use the light material to make a ring, or to ask someone to create a pair of wedding rings for you. Small metal particles, or wedding rings with rope -shaped patterns on the edge. In fact, this type of wedding ring can generally be created by white platinum and golden metals with two colors of gold. In addition, you may wish to engrave your fingerprints on the inner ring of the ring to exist forever.

    2, platinum plain ring
    The prime ring ring is not inlaid with pure metals such as gems and diamonds. Generally speaking, there are more platinum element ring. The simple design of the platinum vegetarian ring can show a man’s straightforward personality, the wide version of the metal ring, the simple vegetarian ring ring ring, it doesn’t matter if there is diamonds, as long as the style is classic. Platinum is a more rare and precious metal metal than precious metals such as gold and silver. Platinum is more expensive than gold. Platinum has a natural white luster, which is more tough than ordinary gold. Use platinum to make plain rings and other jewelry, even if it is finely processed, it is still tough and reliable. If the platinum ring is inlaid with diamonds, it can better set off the brilliantness and gorgeous diamonds, and the gem such as inlaid diamonds is also the strongest and reliable and safest.

    3, diamond ring
    diamond is a monomer crystal composed of carbon elements under high pressure and high temperature conditions. Nowadays, diamonds are no longer mysterious, and it is not a treasure that the royal nobles can enjoy. It has become a popular gem that the people can have and wear. Today, people think more as a symbol of love and loyalty. Pay attention to the “4 C” principles of diamond ring: cutting, color, purity and carat. There are more and more diamond ring styles on the market. The more classic styles are round, oval, pearl -shaped and square.

    4, pattern ring
    The most classic in the pattern ring is extended rings, that is, a wedding ring made of multiple ring stacked. Especially suitable for wedding rings is a ring composed of 3 rings. These three rings can be a combination of 3 different colors. If it is three rings with different colors and different materials, it not only means that you can match it with your watches, bracelets and other daily necessities at will. More importantly, they mean that the two of you will combine into a new family.

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